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Lipstick Gypsy is a small, independent, grass roots, family owned, and operated vintage design company based in southern Idaho. Established by Robin Krall, in 2008, she is the driving force, being designer, styler, and collector for this business that consists of many layers based on her deep love and inspiration of many things and life experiences. The entire family is involved in various aspects, however, Robin's daughters are invaluable on every level of the company.

Lipstick Gypsy specializes in creating personalized, meaningful work customized to the customers' individual wants and needs, while also carrying a substantial amount of high end wholesale accounts. Robin, with her unique design and style sense, has created and designed pieces for well known celebrities, and early on that following launched the success of Lipstick Gypsy that still thrives today.


Lipstick Gypsy offers handmade, artisan, recycled, re-styled, re-purposed, one-of-a-kind merchandise including jewelry, art, and wearables. Mostly using vintage/found elements in the line, which caters to the "Gypsy, Cowgirl, Boho, Hippie" essence that defines the brand. LG seasonally travels in a completely restored 1965 vintage "Tin Gypsy" travel trailer which acts as a pop up shop with "Junk in the Trunk", peddling vintage wares at various events and juried markets across the United States.





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